Russian Icon of ST. OLGA, ST. PETER, ST. PAUL, ST. XENIA Click to View larger
Russian Icon of ST. OLGA, ST. PETER, ST. PAUL, ST. XENIA
  • Russian Icon of ST. OLGA, ST. PETER, ST. PAUL, ST. XENIA
  • Russian Icon of ST. OLGA, ST. PETER, ST. PAUL, ST. XENIA

Russian Icon: St. Olga, St. Peter, ST. Paul, ST. Xenia | 26


19th century, Russian icon of St. Olga, St. Peter, ST. Paul, ST. Xenia, Central Russia. Egg tempera, silver leaf and gesso on wood. Two splints in the back. Size: 29 x 35 cm (11 1/2 x 13 3/4 in).

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Princess Olga Of Kiev

Olga, a crafty person, took fierce revenge on her enemies. She once besieged the city of Izgorosten for a year, but could not take it. Finally she demanded a symbolic tribute from the townspeople. Three pigeons and three sparrows were requested from each house. Olga had incendiary sulphur tied to the legs of the birds, and ordered them released. They flew home to their nests in the city and set it ablaze. She captured or killed the fleeing inhabitants, enslaving some and leaving others to pay tribute. Then she returned in triumph to Kiev with her young son Sviatoslav. She was eventually canonized and given the title “Holy Equal-to-the Apostles (RAVNOAPOSTOLNAYA) Olga. She was called “first of Rus to enter the Kingdom of God”

 The Holy Apostle’s Peter and Paul.

It is also claimed that not only did the apostle Peter found the Church of Rome, but also that somehow this gives the Church of Rome some special supremacy and superiority over all the other Churches. This is clearly not true, for the Church of Antioch, which was founded by St Peter, has never claimed any superiority. In reality, when our Lord says in the Gospel: ‘Thou art a rock and on this rock I will build my Church’, it refers not to some special authority given to Peter, it concerns all who confess Christ as the Son of the Living God. All who make this confession have authority; all who confess Christ truly are rocks and are granted the keys to the kingdom.

Saint Xenia (the V) was the single daughter of the notables’ Roman senator. From the youth she strove for god. In order to avoid that forthcoming by her marriage, it secretly left from the parental house and it swam off aboard the ship, she arrived to city Milasse in Kesarii. She purchased the earth, constructed temple into the name of holy Stephen and established convent. Holy Xenia drew many the soul by high life to the rescuing. The decease of holy virgin, during the prayer, it was noted by the Lord by phenomenon in the sky above the monastery of the sign in the form bright corona with the shining among it cross, which the after body of saint, carried out into the city to the people, and remained to the very moment of burial. Many patients, touching the power of saint, obtained healings.

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