4167 | Russian Icon of St. Efrosiniya, Princess from Polotsk


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Late 19th century, Mstera. Egg tempera, gold leaf, gesso on wood. Two splints top and bottom. Very rare icon.

Size: 10 1/2 x 8 3/4 in (27 x 22 cm)

Efrosiniya (or Euphrosyne) of Polotsk is regarded as a patron saint of Belarus. Efrosiniya of Polotsk was born between 1101 and 1104 in the family of Prince Svyatoslav-Georgy, second son of Vseslav the Sorcerer. One of the main attractions associated with her name is the cross of Efrosiniya Polotskaya. The Cross was made in 1161 by a jeweler from Polotsk, Lazarus Bogsha, by request of Evfrosiniya. The famous six-armed golden cross was decorated with enamels and precious stones, and was used as an ark for keeping Christian relics. June 5 (May 23 old calendar)