Russian Icon Finift, 18th century | 4170


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Ca 1760, Russian icon-finift of The Miracle of Archangel Michael in Khonae. Gold frame with ruby and emerald stones, made in the 20th century.

Size: L 3 1/2 in (9 cm) frame

The icon depicts Archippus, who bows humbly before his church as the Archangel Michael disperses the waters.

According to legend, in early Christian times there was a Church at a place called Khonae. It was faithfully watched over by the priest Arkhippus. Pagans in the area did not like the church being there, so they conceived a plan to eliminate it. They decided to divert two streams so that they would flood and overwhelm the building. Arkhippus, seeing the great flood of water rushing against his church, prayed to God to protect it. In response the Archangel Michael appeared in a burst of light, and struck the ground at the church with his lace. A great cavern opened up in the rock, swallowing the onrushing flood into its depths. the church was saved. - "The Icon Handbook" by D. Coomler, 1995