5074 | Antique 19th century, Orthodox The pectoral cross is an award Archpriest.


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The cross was made of gilded silver, marked with Moscow assayer’s mark 1899, 84 standard and master’s mark ‘V.M.A.’ in Cyrillic, Vassily Michailovich Ashmarin, 1899. PL 2320. 

On the front side there is an overlaid relief image of the Crucifixion, on the reverse of the cross the words are inscribed: "To the presbyter, giving the image with a faithful word and life", also the monogram of Emperor Paul I and the date: "Established 1797, December 18".

In 1797, it was established by Emperor Paul as a badge of distinction, and was given to Archpriests and priests, it was the fourth, in order, award (after the cuisse, skufya and kamilavka).

4 3/8” x 2 7/8” (11 x 7.3 cm)