4962 | Antiques, Orthodox, Russian icon: Resurrection and Decent into Hades with 12 main Orthodox Holidays.


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Russian icon 19th century. Egg tempera and gesso on wood. Two splints in the back.

1.The Old Testament Trinity 2.Nativity of the Virgin. 3. The Presentation of The Virgin to the Temple. 4. The Annunciation. 5. The Nativity of Jesus Christ. 6. The Presentation of Jesus Christ. 7. The Baptism of Jesus Christ. 8. Transfiguration. 9.The Entry to Jerusalem. 10. The Ascension of Christ. 11. The Dormition of Mother of God. 12.The Exaltation of the Cross.

Size: 12 1/4” x 10 1/4” (31 x 26 cm)